Who We Are

Previso is an Australian software company servicing the Oil & Gas industry. The team comprises Oil & Gas technical professionals and expert computer programmers and software developers. The company has offices in Perth, Western Australia with a local and international client base.

What We Do

Previso has created a comprehensive, gas production forecasting tool that is a truly integrated modelling solution from “reservoir to market”.

What is unique about Previso’s approach is that the forecast is ‘market-driven’. Production is tracked on a component basis and back-allocated through the processing plants, pipelines, compressors, wells and finally each reservoir.

Gas production can be constrained, and hydrocarbon liquids optimised based on multiple and complex market demands. The production constraints, prioritisation, scheduling and event triggering can be complex as required, such as specifying a minimum, maximum or a specific range of the following:

  • Any product stream demand, such as the mole fraction of any gas component or combination of gas components (e.g. Raw Gas, LPG, LNG, mass rate C4-);
  • Specific heating value or mass rate;
  • Liquid density;
  • Mole fraction of any inert gases or contaminants.

Our Product

Previso is a gas forecasting software package that can model the whole integrated extraction, production and distribution system from multiple reservoirs, wells, subsea pipelines, compressors, separators to the market.

It very quickly and accurately history matches and forecasts production profiles and manages subsurface uncertainty quantification by generating vast numbers of scenarios required for short, medium and long-term production planning.


Reliable, Numerically Stable And Efficient

The base code is Fortran; Previso contains specialised optimisation algorithms that rely on smart block matrix building for facilitating linear programming. This equates to very rapid solution convergence.

The key strengths of the software are its stability and speed of calculation. Complex production systems with scores of wells and reservoirs can solve in minutes rather than hours. The software is completely integrated; there are no interfaces with other software packages required – all aspects of the gathering system are modelled directly within Previso.

Probabilistic Scenario Modelling

Users define scenarios by applying a probabilistic density function (PDF) to most input parameters. Previso uses Sobol sampling to generate a specified number of scenarios based on the applied PDF. This mode is used to perform a probabilistic analysis on the base model which are useful to evaluate the influence of parameter uncertainty on the overall deliverability of the system and obtain a probabilistic estimate (e.g. P10, P50, and P90) on the overall production recovery.

Reporting Tools

Results can be viewed as reports or as plots with a series of simple and intuitive templates. The Hierarchical Data Format (HDF5) reports may be viewed directly from the graphical user interface (GUI) or from the menu bar. Filters can be applied to meet the specific requirements and an option to ‘View in Excel’ can be used to export results directly. The ‘Plot’ option shows high resolution results graphically, with plots suitable for export into reports or direct printing.

Scenario Manager

The speed and stability of calculation facilitates a ‘Scenario Manager’ module that is used to generate and run a number of scenarios, which are versions of the base case model. One or more input parameters can be modified to evaluate the impact of a node on the entire system such as changes in market demand, pressure constraints, event triggers and priorities.

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